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Our Services



Receive one on one lessons online via virtual meeting space with an ODA expert on subjects requested. Our tutors will equip students with studying skills, note-taking strategies, test preparation, homework assistance, and  meeting the current needs of the student. Tutoring is on an as needed basis.  No contract, No obligation! 


Remediation is the whole course over time .  It closes academic gaps and improves understanding of the subject matter.  The student will set the pace. Teachers identify challenges and weaknesses intended to show documented growth and improvement. Includes "under contract" one on one sessions with a set schedule determined by the parent and teacher.  Parents choose their teacher and set the schedule. 

* This service requires a monthly contract.

* Consultation Required*

Paper Editing

Improve grammar, comma usage, word choice, punctuation and use of contractions.  Writing Suggestions, using too many opinions, repeating words! Articles, essays (1000 words or less), term papers and personal documents and resumes.

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